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Monthly Letters

January Letter

This past year (2021) has certainly been eventful. Through political change, an ongoing

pandemic, geo-political concerns, supply chain disruption, and meaningful inflation, the Capital Markets

still produced very strong returns. As of business opening on 12/22/2021, the Dow Jones Industrial Average

was up 17.03% for the year. Our Global-All Equity portfolio (as of 12/22/2021) was up 17.85%.

Aggressive portfolios, in many cases, fared even better. We, at Sage Investment Advisers, continue to

work diligently to guide our clients through the volatility while capturing returns of a great year.

As for 2022, we are ringing the “caution” bell. We are actively reducing client risk by paring

Stock Market exposure by 5-10%. Why? Inflation is here. The Federal Reserve has stated its intent to

raise rates and pare Bond purchases. Inflation is no longer perceived as transitory. Simply put, higher-than-expected

than expected inflation coupled with Market Valuations that are quite rich is a recipe for muted returns

after a banner year. As we approach 2022, new Covid-19 variants, supply chain issues, and strained

healthcare systems continue to add to economic worry as well. Given these conditions and the Fed’s

recent statements, we do not see returns in 2022 being as high as they have been. Our strategy?

Caution and concern, not an overreaction.

We will be in touch in January to discuss your portfolio and your own unique situation and concerns. We

thank you, as always, for your business and especially your trust in us. We wish you nothing but the best

for an amazing New Year!

Thankfully and respectfully,

Jerry Schuder


P.S. – Happy New Year!



We are humbled, hopeful, and proud to announce our first annual St. Jude’s Valentine Fundraiser.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, founded in 1962, is a pediatric treatment and research facility

focused on children’s catastrophic diseases, especially Leukemia and other cancers. The hospital costs

approximately $2.5-$3.0 million per day to operate, but the children are not charged for their care.

All of us at Sage are grateful for the blessings we have. These kids need our help. We want to give

something back and hope to do so every year.

Our fundraiser will be from 2/14/2022 to 4/1/2022 and our target is to raise $20,000.00. Sage

Investment Advisers will make a gift to St. Jude in honor of each donation made by our friends, our

clients, and our colleagues.

If you wish to join us in our campaign, instructions are given on the next page. All donations are 100%

tax deductible as St. Jude is designated as a 501(c)(3) by the IRS. Thanks so much for helping.

With heartfelt thanks,

Jerry Schuder


P.S. – For Valentine’s Day, it’s about them!

*your assets are always held by our custodian Charles Schwab/TDAI


March Letter

We wanted to take a moment to discuss the importance of planning across generations. Some families

struggle with financial discussions with their aging parents whereas other families struggle to educate

and discuss financial topics with their younger generations. Both of these generational concerns are a

vitally important piece of every families’ financial foundations and legacy.

We would love to offer you the following planning services at no cost to you or your family:

 A full estate planning and financial planning review for your parents/grandparents

 An in-depth estate planning review for you (and spouse/partner if applicable)

 An educational meeting with/for your children/grandchildren to discuss and teach sound

financial principles

Please feel free to reach out to us to schedule any of the above-mentioned services. We would love to

hear from you.

Thanks so much for your continued trust in us and stay safe out there.


Jerry Schuder


P.S. – It’s about you and THEM!

*your assets are always held by our custodian Charles Schwab/TDAI

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