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Monthly Investment Letter

Dear Valued Client ,

We just wanted to remind you that Treasury Bond Yields are the highest they have been in many years.

They are currently far superior to Money Market funds, CD’s, Muni-bonds, Corporate Bonds, and Fixed


In the current market, we feel treasuries are a superior option because:

1. Short-term rates of 3 months to 1 year pay comfortably in excess of 5%.

2. There is no $250,000 limit due to FDIC Insurance.

3. There is no bank penalty for early withdrawal if liquidity is needed.

4. There is no state tax on interest income.

5. There is enough inventory to build a well-constructed bond ladder.

Call us if you currently hold savings, liquid cash, or old CD’s/Bonds. We can do an analysis and

comparison to determine the advantages to you.

Many thanks and Happy Spring!


Jerry Schuder


*your assets are always held by our custodian Charles Schwab/TDAI

Monthly Investment Letters

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