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Financial Advisor/Planner

Licensed Financial Advisors to Help Keep Your Finances on Track

What is a financial advisor/planner and what are the benefits of having one?

A financial advisor is a licensed professional who is compensated to offer financial advice to clients. Just as you would hire an architect to create a blueprint for your home, a financial advisor will help with the blueprint for your financial future.

An experienced and competent planner will also provide the expertise to help you reach your specific financial goals. Your financial advisor should also, whenever possible, be a fee-only fiduciary advisor to ensure an unbiased experience. Commissions can sometimes create an unwanted conflict of interest we choose to avoid. 

A fee only fiduciary should be all inclusive and provide the financial plan, the advice, the investments, and conduct transactions as well as on-going monitoring of your plan. It is important to keep a close working relationship with your advisor; be involved and stay involved. A great long-term partnership is the goal to help ensure the achievement of yours.

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