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Social Security Optimization

Helping you to maximize your Social Security Benefits

Social Security Optimization

Social security Optimization is the art of choosing social security options that maximize your lifetime benefit while adhering to your retirement goals. Yes, it is an art. There is no correct answer, just the choices that work for you. Sage Investment Advisers LLC will help with choices that fold seamlessly into your overall retirement plan. Social Security income is an important part of most retiree’s retirement income and many of these choices are irrevocable.

The most important Social Security choices revolve around retirement age, working income during retirement, and spousal benefits. The age you choose to retire, from 62 to 70 years old, is critical because the longer retirement is delayed the larger the social security monthly benefit. Working during retirement must be planned because working prior to your official full retirement age will cause large monthly benefit deductions if the annual earnings limit is exceeded.

Spousal benefits are an important financial planning component as well. Spouses may claim benefits on their own work record, or a portion of their spouses work record. Even divorcees are often entitled to collect on their ex-spouses work record under certain conditions.

All these choices, and more, combine into an intricate puzzle. Sage Investment Advisers LLC is here to help put the right pieces together to have a financial plan that fits your retirement.

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